Dec. 1st meetup: slides are available!

The first recommenders FR meetup was a success with around 50 participants. We had four talks mixing various aspects of recommender systems:

Xavier Dupré (Microsoft, ENSAE) spoke about practical considerations regarding recommender systems in production:

Jérémie Mary (INRIA) presented his work on contextual bandits for recommendation, and gave a wide overview of the current state of the scientific literature on the subject:

Vincent Michel and David Mas (Big Data Europe – PriceMinister – Rakuten group) talked about their current production setup for product recommendation within Rakuten group:

Simon Dollé (Criteo) spoke about the difficulties surrounding product recommendation at scale for display advertising:


Thanks a lot to all the speakers for their presentation, we had a great time and we hope to be popping up a second recommenders FR meetup soon!